Hi guys
If not allowed to share here I can take it down.
Please pray for my mom and sister
They are in a tough spot and have to be out of their home in about one week. My mom was living with a friend from church while she was in school full time finishing her degree in drug and alcohol counseling. She didn’t have to pay rent, but they shared other expenses plus food and her time cooking and cleaning as a way to contribute. She is a Chaplin as well. she has spent her life ministering to people and helping those less fortunate and helping people with addiction. Sadly she has lost two husband’s from addiction. One for alcohol and one for substance abuse due to pain from having ALS.
She started crying last night thinking about having to get rid of her dog and kitties and go to a shelter. She’s such a hard worker she’s always had a job and was able to raise my sister and I on her own. She has to put her Studies on hold since she didn’t get much notice to move. She is now looking for a full time job so she can find a place to live. She doesn’t have the best credit and has been living on social security but it’s not enough to qualify for a rental.

I dont even know what to suggest to her right now. She has called 211, mercy house, SOS and a bunch of other places.

And to make it even harder my sister
Just moved in with her a few weeks ago and is pregnant with a high risk baby and too sick.

I dont even know what to expect from sharing her situation but we are stumped on what to do. Any ideas would be so helpful thank you so much!
she also has three kittens that need homes. Do any of you want a cute kitty?