An example of how to make a batch file and then use codes to modify the fallout games

Here is an example of how to make a batch file and then use codes to modify the fallout games. Works pretty much the same for fallout 3-NV-4 on PC only. First off you create a blank notepad. Second you name text notepad file, I named my mybitch… lol. Third put in the codes, setrelationshiprank player 4, next line under it setplayerteammate 1. Don’t need to name it but if you like you can put ;Whatever you want in the top put ; before the name so the console avoids the name as a code. Fourth put the text note in the fallout 4 directory. Finally go in game and select a NPC and then type bat “whatever you named the text” and hit enter. Then boom baby instant follower. You can type in the codes on the selected character manually in game. I wanted to show how to make a batch file tho. Then you can use other codes select the character and type in console hitting the ` key to open it, tim (toggle immortal mode) makes them immortal, or with Liberty Prime setscale .2 to make him power armor size. setscale 1 to make him as big as a building again. setscale 3 makes him as big as the sky lol. You can make yourself bigger also this way 1-2-3 makes you same size 2X size 3X size .5 half size .2 basically Nome size lol 1.5 1 and a half times bigger, experiment with this… You can make a batch file to quickly add in building materials make a list of their ID prids as seen in my pictures. Better than typing in the same stuff a million times to build a monolithic city.…/fallout-4-companion-list-perks…/ This is good for finding and moving lost followers to your location. I grabbed the prime code to make him a test follower to play around with I mean come on Liberty Prime as a follower??? How dose not want a giant immortal instant kill em all robot to fallow you around. Enemies see that and run in terror lol. Seen super mutants run off screaming before with him in tow. Funny to her him talk about communists and red Chinese invaders and stuff as well randomly. a few console commands to play with. Tho they dont have them all apparently. I found most of this stuff on my own. I’m a pretty good find anything I like type on the net. Random people ask me to find stuff for them online sometimes. I can usually find anything in less than 5 min so guess I have some kind of tracking down/finding anything reputation online. Just one of my hobbies. Figured I would share the know how, as usual.