How to Clean Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Floors

Investing on a tile floor is the best idea and especially if you are one with cleanliness as one of your traits. Tile floor can never hide any dirt. Instead, it reveals every speck of dust, spills, or even pet mess to notice immediately, which is more reason to keep it clean.

Since there are different kinds of tile floors, the methods of cleaning them also vary. Read on to find out how to clean porcelain and ceramic tile floors like a pro to maintain a shiny and new look.

Cleaning Porcelain and Ceramic

Porcelain and ceramic are almost the same, and most people cannot tell them apart. Since they both created the same, cleaning them is neither different.

#1 Vacuum Cleaning

Using the right vacuum cleaner for tile floors, vacuum your tile floor regularly to remove debris, dust, and especially grit which can scratch the floor.

#2 Mopping

Use the best tile cleaner or cleaning solution to avoid leaving residue by using the wrong detergents.

Use a tile floor mop or rag to mop the floor. Refrain from using a sponge mop even though it would seem the best to use because it quickly sends dirty water to the grout areas, leaving them dirtier.

While mopping, you will avoid leaving streaks or haze on the floor by changing cleaning water often to make sure the water you are using is clean. Also, make sure to squeeze out excess water from the mop to use it while damp, which is one reason for a shiny floor.

#3 Dry the Floor

If for some reasons you floor is overly wet after mopping, probably from using a wet mop, you need to dry it using a clean, dry mop or a lint-free cloth. You need to do that to avoid your floor drying while leaving spots of dried water.

#4 Removing Stains

Removing stains from a tile floor is not challenging, as it might be with other types of surfaces. With the right stain removing solution, you will not need to use much force to remove the stain.

It is essential to deal with the stain immediately as it appears to avoid setting in. Set it stains are a challenge to remove. Therefore be quick to work on it as soon as possible.

#5 Cleaning Grout

No matter how clean your tile floor might be, dirty grouts will let it down to appear old and drab. Unlike tiles that can resist dirt, grout absorbs it due to its permeability and thus gets dirty and stained quickly.

Remove any surface dirt and grime by wiping the grout area first with plain warm water. Next, while using a grout cleaning solution, spray it, or splash it on the grout and let it sit for about five minutes. Using a soft-bristle brush, rub it gently to remove the ground in the dirt while being careful not to damage the grout.

Wipe out the dirt using warm water and a clean towel to rinse it out. Dry it the area using another clean cloth and leave to air-dry completely.

#6 Sealing Grout

When a grout gets stained, it means it is not well sealed. Probably it had a seal which has come off over time and use.

After the floor and the grout area are dry, you need to apply a unique grout sealer which is silicone-based. You will, therefore, prevent your tile floor grout from staining and getting dirtier quickly.

Final Word

Mastering the mentioned cleaning techniques, you have now attained a pro standard on how to clean a tile floor. You will not only clean to maintain a clean and shiny tile floor but one that will remain looking new for a very long time.


Cleaning of a Wood Burning Stove

If kindling is accessible in your region, a wood stove poses an inexpensive technique to warm your abode, minus paying bills or remaining linked to the network. A wood stove can furthermore be an outstanding basis of extra heat for wintertime energy output, otherwise for that crisis time. Not just can they warm a home or an enlarged site, but one can practice a regular wood stove to cook on.

Accompanied by a wood stove arises preserving it to have it unharmed. If wood stoves and their vents aren’t scrubbed occasionally, a hazardous smoke deposit termed creosote can accumulate in the stove and in the vent; this accumulation is the main root of virtually all chimney blazes. Systematic scrubbing and upright burning exercises can significantly lessen the danger of vent fires.

Here is a nippy list on exactly how to tidy an open standup wood stove with a pipe vent. Maximum of this can be adjusted to numerous kinds of stoves, however think of reading your holder’s guidebook for cleaning and upkeep details. Similarly, remember that if you possess an extremely great block or stone vent, it’s intended for requiring certain additional effort and security safeguards from your side.

Extinguish the Fire

Extinguish the stove for a day at least.

Stove ought to be cool to the finger; the fire box might yet be slightly hot; however, the stove and vent should be cool to the touch.

If you own a standby supply of heat, this is a suitable interval to use it.

When stove scrubbing will turn into a customary act, this task would only acquire an hour or two.

Wood stoves differ in the period they require to be scoured, it entirely rests on what is being blazed and how.

Moreover, there is creosote rupturing residue that can be supplemented to your fire on consistent footings, to outspread interludes concerning cleaning.

Similarly, starting the stove up and letting it to become genuine warm for near 45 minutes, two times a day will benefit in getting it free of creosote, afore it forms up and lengthens spells amid scrubbings.

Fire Box Scrubbing

Get free of all the residue and rubbish in the fire box.

It’s a decent notion to work with a metal canister.

In case there are certain scorching coals remaining, it will melt down a plastic vessel or begin a fire on the wooden container.

Remove all the debris in the metal canister outdoors and place it on the naked ground someplace far from any residence.

Don’t put the dust vessel in a garage or on a floor or in the trash, if present is just one burning coal, you could chance beginning a blaze.

When the ash has settled down, it can be discarded or readapted.

Re-assembling of Stove

There is a minute technique to manage reassembly easily and quickly, since the vent pipe is clasped jointly with tiny secures.

It fixes in return in a specific manner with tiny secures clasping it jointly, so when pointed, totally one has to ensure arranging the white streaks and snap the bolts back in position.

The white indicator inclines to scorch, so it needs to be put in every occasion.

After the vent pipe is detached, don’t overlook to peep into the stove to empty out some creosote accumulation close or nearby the cavity.

Vent Brushing

Poly vent brush correspondingly creates a wire brush which could be extra efficient with stone or block.

Expending a vent brush and a stick, brush out the vent pipe. This can be completed by means of a rubbish sack to gather each minute piece of creosote, significantly decreasing the clutter prepared in the house.

If there are some curves in the vent pipe, scan them carefully as that is where creosote enjoys assembling; scrub them out meticulously.

Include the eliminated creosote to a different metal canister or put it in the ash can if there are no ideas for readapting it.

Peek through the stove from where the vent was detached, if there is creosote collection there, scrub that out as well, and then reunite the vent.

Glass Cleaning

If your stove contains a glass window on the entrance, this is the perfect stage to spotless the glass on it.

Creosote can be cleared off of glass by treating a watery lye mixture or a market wood stove glass spray, which only chances to be thinned lye; however the blending is all prepared for you, so there is no speculation.

Whichever approaches, practice wearing a cover, hold back the children and avoid breathing the stuff in.

Merely put down a pair of sheets of newspaper to gather drops, sprig on, let set for some seconds, and now sponge off with scrubber sponge. Do again till spotless.

Tray Cleansing

The tray on the anterior of the stove that gathers the coals and attempts to fall out once wood is being inserted, the one that is so enticing to use, a cloth or tiny brush on? At present is the flawless spell to shipshape it, although don’t start burning the cloth or brush.

Via a shop vacuum or a normal home vacuum cleaner, eradicate any dirt or residue accumulation. A dry rag or dirt brush can likewise simply be expended; however a vacuum is the coolest mode to go for.

Observing the Vent

Initially, remain away from dropping rubble and cautiously detach the entrance door or lid. This will deliver admission to the remainder of the vent.

Next, immediately, with your vent brush, tidy out any noticeable creosote from the vent, by affixing additions to your vent brush stick.

When scrubbed, refit the entrance door, and unfasten your vent brush for comfortable stowage.

Position All Back

When the vent inside and outside, stove and fittings are set back jointly, you can acquire a care-free fire blazing before long. Remember, a newly scrubbed stove will breathe slightly inversely than it carried out three hours before; hence it could be problematic to get going. Finished merchandise is a fresh, harmless, fine, piping hot stove.