How often do crested geckos shed?

Shedding is an instinctive behavior of reptile life that needs to happen because it is constantly growing. Crested geckos are no exception. Normally, a crested gecko will shed their entire skin at once time.

So how often do crested geckos shed? It depends on their age, when they are younger, they shed more frequently than when they get older. They also require some proper care during their shedding process since hydration and humidity are important factors for them to shed.

Why do crested geckos shed?

Crested geckos will shed their skin all their life. As mentions above, the aim of this process is to allow their bodies continuous growing. Besides, shedding also remove all the parasites and bacterial that have a risk to infest their old skin.

How often do crested geckos shed?

The younger crested geckos are growing faster, therefore they also shed their skin more frequency. The babies will shed about once a week or more. When they are juvenile, they can shed twice a month. And the times of shedding will decrease to once per month when they become adults.

How do you know when your geckos shed?

There is no defined schedule for crested geckos to shed. However, you can get to know the timing when your geckos prepare to shed their skin by some signal.

Your gecko’s skin will dull and slowly turn to white before they shed. They also reduce activity levels and also may squint their eye because they will shed the eyelid skin.

How to help your geckos shed?

Although shedding skin is the natural part of gecko life and it is not a big problem for your pet. But this process also causes stress for them and also requires some care from their owner.

You should give them a quiet, dark shelter place to her. Because creased geckos need to feel safe and secure during this time. Ensure that your pet does not be disturbed by the other environmental factors around them.

Crested geckos also require high humidity levels during the shedding process. High humidity levels will help them shed easier and faster. Low humidity level makes their skin dry and adhere to the body. So investing in the best reptile humidifiers to make crested gecko shed easier is essential.