How to stop/control- mind chattering

It means mind is talking all the time – how can a person get response from God or start devotion if his/her mind is busy elsewhere.
I suggest following actions for Freshers:

1. Select a time of the day- transition times are best- Darkness is going away and Sun is rising or Sun is about to set and darkness is approaching. Two times daily.
2. Select a room which is having no noise. Light up an insane of your acceptable fragrance. No additional light required in the room.
3. Sit on floor mat or in chair, cross- legged with hands locked in or in Jnana-Mundra. Back (spine)straight. Then cosmic rays will start to flow in to give energy to 114 vital joints of the body. Use the same mat everyday. Do not change your mat.
4. Start deep breathing with eyes closed. Do not forcefully stop mind chattering. Let it flow. Follow up with “Anulom-Bilom” may be 10/12 times. Count 1 to 7 during inhale and same during exhale- both should be equal duration.
5. Start chanting OM…….M…………M should be continued for longer duration. May be 15 times it is repeated.
6. Then start Tarak- Bramha Naam: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. May be 30 /40 times chanting done.
7. Then stand up. Put your fist closed and rest on waist side. Start laughing loudly for 4 mins. Sit down in the same earlier position with back straight and eyes closed. No noise in the room.
8. Start again deep breathing and continue for 2/3 mins. If any calculation/thought arising in mind, do not stop it. Let it flow on its way.
9. Start playing a classical musical tune with very very low intensity. Think of a picture of your God and fix your mind on it. Do not change the picture in your mind. Try to hold it. When mind start to deviate, bring it back to the musical tune. Then immediately switch to your God’s picture again. Continue of holding the picture for 30 mins. After sometime you do not need the musical tune to play. Instead you follow your breathing.
10. If the mind is disturbing on a day, you may skip the process or repeat it two times before holding the mind on God’s picture. One should take initiation and may chant the manta 1000 times a day. This will definitely help.
One may go to the bank of a river and sit there for sometime and see water flowing towards sea.
It may take six months time to control on mind chattering.