Donald Trump twisted idea of Making America Again!

Donald Trump; his ambitions to become the Republican Presidential Candidate came out as a joke. His campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" had crazy ideas that left many with the thought that this man was just kidding, acting, or worse, mad. He had the guts to warn President Obama and other US illegal immigrants (according to his perception) that they will be deported once him, Trump, is elected President. He has proposed to ban entry of Muslims in America, to install surveillance cameras in Mosques where he believes terrorist attacks are hatched and to build a substantial wall on the Mexican-American border. He is running counter to his party's establishments and ideals which widely oppose his candidacy. Thanks to great media coverage, Trump's run to the Top Most Job in the world seems to be on track. His opponents have described him as divisive, unserious, and a bully.......all this is coming on the back of him being a billionaire and personally financing his campaign and his rants that he can't be bought and that his ideas reflect the will of most Americans, which might true according to most middle and high classes of America. He has won all the Primaries held so far and some of his opponents have thrown in the towel and have bowed out of the race.......and the statistics seem to be in his favor.......just recently Obama pointed out that Trump can't be President because the Presidency is a serious office and that he believed in the American people in not making him President.....but things might just turn out different, the strides this unserious man is making are alarmingly proving his critics wrong, America might just make him President eventually. And should we, in the third world, be afraid? Is his only plan for Africa only that of deporting Africans resident in America? Will Africa get anything out of him? If America Becomes Great Again, how will that affect us? Will there be more wars? More woes in Africa? Trump seems to be a force to reckon and we might just be part, in the negative way, of his twisted idea of Making America Again!

Cleaning of a Wood Burning Stove

If kindling is accessible in your region, a wood stove poses an inexpensive technique to warm your abode, minus paying bills or remaining linked to the network. A wood stove can furthermore be an outstanding basis of extra heat for wintertime energy output, otherwise for that crisis time. Not just can they warm a home or an enlarged site, but one can practice a regular wood stove to cook on.

Accompanied by a wood stove arises preserving it to have it unharmed. If wood stoves and their vents aren’t scrubbed occasionally, a hazardous smoke deposit termed creosote can accumulate in the stove and in the vent; this accumulation is the main root of virtually all chimney blazes. Systematic scrubbing and upright burning exercises can significantly lessen the danger of vent fires.

Here is a nippy list on exactly how to tidy an open standup wood stove with a pipe vent. Maximum of this can be adjusted to numerous kinds of stoves, however think of reading your holder’s guidebook for cleaning and upkeep details. Similarly, remember that if you possess an extremely great block or stone vent, it’s intended for requiring certain additional effort and security safeguards from your side.

Extinguish the Fire

Extinguish the stove for a day at least.

Stove ought to be cool to the finger; the fire box might yet be slightly hot; however, the stove and vent should be cool to the touch.

If you own a standby supply of heat, this is a suitable interval to use it.

When stove scrubbing will turn into a customary act, this task would only acquire an hour or two.

Wood stoves differ in the period they require to be scoured, it entirely rests on what is being blazed and how.

Moreover, there is creosote rupturing residue that can be supplemented to your fire on consistent footings, to outspread interludes concerning cleaning.

Similarly, starting the stove up and letting it to become genuine warm for near 45 minutes, two times a day will benefit in getting it free of creosote, afore it forms up and lengthens spells amid scrubbings.

Fire Box Scrubbing

Get free of all the residue and rubbish in the fire box.

It’s a decent notion to work with a metal canister.

In case there are certain scorching coals remaining, it will melt down a plastic vessel or begin a fire on the wooden container.

Remove all the debris in the metal canister outdoors and place it on the naked ground someplace far from any residence.

Don’t put the dust vessel in a garage or on a floor or in the trash, if present is just one burning coal, you could chance beginning a blaze.

When the ash has settled down, it can be discarded or readapted.

Re-assembling of Stove

There is a minute technique to manage reassembly easily and quickly, since the vent pipe is clasped jointly with tiny secures.

It fixes in return in a specific manner with tiny secures clasping it jointly, so when pointed, totally one has to ensure arranging the white streaks and snap the bolts back in position.

The white indicator inclines to scorch, so it needs to be put in every occasion.

After the vent pipe is detached, don’t overlook to peep into the stove to empty out some creosote accumulation close or nearby the cavity.

Vent Brushing

Poly vent brush correspondingly creates a wire brush which could be extra efficient with stone or block.

Expending a vent brush and a stick, brush out the vent pipe. This can be completed by means of a rubbish sack to gather each minute piece of creosote, significantly decreasing the clutter prepared in the house.

If there are some curves in the vent pipe, scan them carefully as that is where creosote enjoys assembling; scrub them out meticulously.

Include the eliminated creosote to a different metal canister or put it in the ash can if there are no ideas for readapting it.

Peek through the stove from where the vent was detached, if there is creosote collection there, scrub that out as well, and then reunite the vent.

Glass Cleaning

If your stove contains a glass window on the entrance, this is the perfect stage to spotless the glass on it.

Creosote can be cleared off of glass by treating a watery lye mixture or a market wood stove glass spray, which only chances to be thinned lye; however the blending is all prepared for you, so there is no speculation.

Whichever approaches, practice wearing a cover, hold back the children and avoid breathing the stuff in.

Merely put down a pair of sheets of newspaper to gather drops, sprig on, let set for some seconds, and now sponge off with scrubber sponge. Do again till spotless.

Tray Cleansing

The tray on the anterior of the stove that gathers the coals and attempts to fall out once wood is being inserted, the one that is so enticing to use, a cloth or tiny brush on? At present is the flawless spell to shipshape it, although don’t start burning the cloth or brush.

Via a shop vacuum or a normal home vacuum cleaner, eradicate any dirt or residue accumulation. A dry rag or dirt brush can likewise simply be expended; however a vacuum is the coolest mode to go for.

Observing the Vent

Initially, remain away from dropping rubble and cautiously detach the entrance door or lid. This will deliver admission to the remainder of the vent.

Next, immediately, with your vent brush, tidy out any noticeable creosote from the vent, by affixing additions to your vent brush stick.

When scrubbed, refit the entrance door, and unfasten your vent brush for comfortable stowage.

Position All Back

When the vent inside and outside, stove and fittings are set back jointly, you can acquire a care-free fire blazing before long. Remember, a newly scrubbed stove will breathe slightly inversely than it carried out three hours before; hence it could be problematic to get going. Finished merchandise is a fresh, harmless, fine, piping hot stove.

How to care for your chickens in winter

They Don’t Need a Heater

People keep asking if they need to put in a heater in the chicken coop for winter warmth. The answer is simply no. They group together for warmth. Furthermore, don’t seal up the coop totally. Ventilation is vital to avoid moisture development.

Utilize Deep Litter to Keep Them Warm

A profound litter method is to simply allow chicken poop and bedding material to build up in the coop over the spring, summer, and fall so that by winter you have approximately a foot of all that material on the floor of the coop. This, in turn, will radiate its very own warmth, thereby keeping the coop warm.

They May Not Lay Unless You Supplement Light

Generally, supplemental light is required in the event that you need to keep your customers or family eggs throughout the entire winter. Nonetheless, there are a few drawbacks to supplementing light – it can get the birds stressed up and affect their laying life. Before doing this, consider the pros and cons.

Feed Them Corn in the Evening to Keep Them Warm All Night

Treating your chickens to a meal of cracked corn before bed gives them something to process all through the night and this keeps them warm. ?

Hang a Head of Cabbage for a Chicken Play Toy

Much the same as people, chickens can get somewhat exhausted and stir-crazy in the winter. My chickens seem to get a bunch of joy when I hang a head of cabbage on a string in the coop. It gives them something to peck at while it flies around.

Make Them a Nice Sunroom

In case you’re stressed over your female birds not having enough space in the coop, you can construct a sort of clear plastic cold frame or nursery style expansion to your coop. They will move into it and have more space on pleasant days, and you can sit back and relax realizing they aren’t too stressed and having a nice time.

Petroleum Jelly on Combs and Wattles Protects from Frostbite

In very cold regions, you may find that breeds with vast wattles and combs are inclined to frostbite. You can cover their wattles and combs with petroleum jelly to protect them.

Chickens Don’t Like Snow

When the temperature drops down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit range, I noticed chickens don’t usually go out in the snow. You can dissipate roughage or straw on the ground and this will make it more tasteful for them. I also found out that when the temperature is in the 30s, they don’t seem to have a problem going out.

Chickens Don’t Have to Be Put Inside in Bad Weather

Chickens are smart enough to know when they ought to be outside and when they don’t want to. Let it be their choice.

Roosts Are Key

Chickens gave the tendency to perch together and fluff themselves out. This also helps them to keep warm. It likewise keeps them off the ground if it is cold. Ensure you provide them with enough space to roost comfortably.

The Family Tank (Urban Assault Vehicle)

In 1969, Dodge released their “Family Wagon” van with an internal engine box for the last time. The van had no hood, instead the engine was covered by a large box that was positioned between the driver and passenger. Because there was no hood, the front of the van was fairly flat, where the dashboard met the windshield was the front of the van. The driver and passenger sat on top of the front wheels.
That year, Pops decided the Alexander Family needed a van as a “Family Car” and Dodge’s “Family Wagon” fit the bill just fine. When he found a Family Wagon that had been converted into a “Camper Van” he bought it right away. The conversion added wood cabinetry, a fold out dining table, a stove/oven combo, a sink with running water, a small pantry and a closet. The roof of the van had been modified into a pop up tent with two bunk beds that could fold out. The van also came equipped with a six person tent that attached to the side, creating a large add-on room when deployed. With the pop-up top and the side mounted tent, the van could sleep ten – four inside and six outside.
When Mom went into labor for the last time, it was the “Family Wagon” that everybody piled into for the long drive to the Kaiser hospital in Bellflower. It was in and around the “Family Wagon” that Kenny kept Benny and Robin occupied while Mom added the last member to the family – little Paulie. Even though little Paulie was born quickly, there was a complication, a growth on his shoulder that the doctors would need to remove in a few months and the doctors wanted to make sure he was going to be alright. While Kenny, Benny and Robin waited for the family’s final member to join them, they played around what would simply come to be called The Van.
Pops didn’t like Little League, or Youth Soccer, or Pee-Wee Football. Pops liked camping and the outdoors in general. The Van was the vehicle that took The Alexanders to strange new worlds. Places like San Felipe in Baja Mexico with its jumbo shrimp and Chinese fireworks. Regional and National Parks like Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Tahoe, the Kern River, the Stanislaus River, Mono Lake, Twin Lakes, Little Rock, Big Bear and Calico Ghost Town.
Pops tried his hand at fishing and spent a lot more time fishing than he did catching. The kids fed raccoons in Yosemite and while they were looking around Pops poked a bear with a stick. They rode canoes down the rivers and hiked around the lakes, climbed huge boulders in Little Rock and only encountered chipmunks in Big Bear. They camped in secret on Indian Land near the Grand Canyon and never found a single ghost at Calico (the Ghost Town).
Through all of it, The Van’s V-8 engine roared on and gulped gasoline at nearly eight miles to the gallon, on a good day. Pops would eventually put mag wheels and chrome exhaust pipes down the sides of The Van. Pops explained that the wheels added traction and the exhaust pipes added a little extra horsepower. Mom said he just liked the way they looked and the rest was “Alexander Bullshit.” The truth was somewhere in the middle.
The add-ons did seem to make Pops a bit more fearless when it came to driving The Van off-road. Mom said he believed his own “Alexander Bullshit” and that would lead to The Van getting stuck in sand – always sand. First, it was near the beach in Baja Mexico. After a couple hours of trying to dig The Van out a group of Americans with four-wheel drive off-road vehicles showed up and helped to tow The Van out of the sand. This would happen again in Anza Borrego after Pops drove The Van through a fast flowing creek and got stuck on the sandy streambed on the other side. After a couple hours in the desert heat it was once again another group of Americans with four-wheel drive off-road vehicles that would show up and help tow The Van out of the sand.
Adventure after adventure, mile after mile, camping trip after camping trip, The Van soldiered on, tirelessly. After twelve long years of faithful service to the entire Alexander Family, Kenny turned sixteen and earned his driver’s license. With that small card and its tiny picture, Kenny could ask Pops for the keys to The Van and hear the reply “Sure, here you go.” That is when the allegiance of The Van moved from Pops to each of the Alexander kids in order of age (Kenny, then Benny, then Robin and finally Paul). The simple keychain with its single Dodge key and its blue Mandic Motors key fob was passed from hand to hand for the next seven years. Until it had served as the “first car” for each of the Alexander kids.
When The Van started to be driven by Kenny it picked up a new nickname – The Urban Assault Vehicle. This nickname came from the comedy movie “Stripes” where Bill Murray and Harold Ramis join the US Army and then “borrow” the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle and accidentally invade the Soviet Union. The Alexander kids had snuck into this movie after watching the animated classic “Heavy Metal” at the Huntington Cinema at the Five Points Plaza. By the end of The Van’s service, sever years later, it had logged thousands of hours participating in countless “Operations.” Infiltration. Exfiltration/Extraction. Supply Drops. Chuck Wagon/Chow Hall Duty. Gun Runs. And many highly classified “Black Ops.” The Van even made an appearance at the First Annual Huntington Beach High School Road Rally, one of its last and most famous “Operations.”
One of the first “Operations” for the Urban Assault Vehicle was a Gun Run. Neither Kenny or Scott were 18 years old yet and they both wanted to own real firearms so badly it almost hurt. While browsing through a catalog from a uniform company called The Quartermaster, Scott found that they carried replicas of M-16s, for less than $200 (in 1982 dollars). Not only that, The Quartermaster had a storefront in Long Beach – so they could drive down there and pick it up. They just had to walk in with the cash.
So an “Operation” to go down to Long Beach was planned. Secrets were almost impossible to keep in The House, its walls were just too thin. So when Paul found out what Kenny was planning he asked to go along. Without much of a choice, Kenny agreed and when he and Scott drove north to Long Beach in The Van, Paul sat between them on the engine box. To Paul, there was something almost magical about going somewhere in The Van without Mom or Pops.
Once they arrived at The Quartermaster store all three of the Boys were a bit amazed. Up to that point, uniforms – cammies – had been purchased at Army Surplus stores and they all smelled kind of strange. New and old at the same time. But at The Quartermaster everything was new, and they had police uniforms and nurses’ uniforms and uniforms for just about anyone who would wear a uniform. In the back Scott found the replica M-16s next to the replica Uzi. Once he found it they did not stay long, the purchase was made and they quickly returned to The Van.
Kenny fired up the engine and they started heading home, mission accomplished. Scott opened the box that the replica M-16 came in and laid the rifle across his knees as Kenny drove down Pacific Coast Highway. His hands were almost shaking as he ran them over the plastic and gun metal. He gently pulled the ammo magazine out of its Styrofoam packing and tried to push it into the bottom of the receiver. The ammo magazine did not fit into the magazine feed and would not click into place underneath the receiver. Scott cursed loudly.
“What’s wrong man?” Kenny had been paying attention to the road and had not noticed what Scott had been doing. Kenny pulled over to the side of the road, bouncing the right front tire off of the curb (bending the power steering rod at the same time). Angrily, Scott tried to jam the ammo magazine into the slide a few more times before exclaiming –
“Fucking fake piece of shit! I think I am going to have to file this thing down or something!” Scott tried again to jam the ammo magazine home and again it would not fit. Paul had watched the entire time, amazed by the fact that he was FINALLY within arms-reach of an M-16, replica or not. After Paul watched Scott make a few more futile attempts he asked with a small voice –
“Hey Scott, can I see that?” Scott looked over at Paul and saw the same look on his face as Scott had worn when he had first walked out of the store with the replica M-16, excitement and awe. Paul’s face also reminded Scott that he was sitting next to an eleven year old kid.
“Sure thing, Di-Wee. It’s not like you are going to break it any more than it already is.” Scott called Paul Di-Wee because he said that’s what Green Berets would call little boys in Vietnam. Paul didn’t mind because it was something Green Berets said and no one really understood what it meant – to Paul it was not disrespectful, it was more like a term of endearment.
Paul took the replica from Scott and set it across his knees, just like Scott had. Then Scott handed Paul the empty ammo magazine. Paul took the ammo magazine and turned it around in his hand and then inserted it into the magazine feed underneath the receiver. The ammo magazine slid smoothly into place and they all heard the “click” of the magazine locking in place. Paul looked over at Scott and smiled. “See, all you needed to do was turn the magazine around. You were trying to stick it in backwards.” Kenny burst out laughing and Scott frowned. Then he took his M-16 replica back from Paul. Seeing that Scott was embarrassed, Paul couldn’t help himself. “Just remember who taught you to put the magazine in your first M-16.” Paul pointed to himself with his thumb and said “Di-Wee.” Kenny started laughing even louder and Scott’s frown only deepened.
After that day, the power steering on The Van would never work again. The rod eventually broke and it was never replaced. That was the way of things for The Van once it passed from Pops to the kids. Once an accessory broke, if it was not needed to keep The Van rolling down the road then it was not replaced. Soon the sink stopped working and then it was the oven and stove. Eventually the pop up roof would leak when it rained and the floor boards began to rot away from rust. But the V-8 in the engine box continued to roar to life when you turned the key and so The Van continued to roll down the highway. Looking more and more like some strange Urban Assault Vehicle with each passing year and each new “child” driver.
The Van began its life as a means of transporting the Alexander Family on all forms of strange and wondrous adventures. Over the course of its existence, The Van shepherded all four of the Alexander children from childhood to young adulthood with the roar of its V-8 engine and all of its creature comforts. During that time it evolved from a “Family Camper Van” dubbed “The Family Wagon” by Dodge into the Alexander’s very own Urban Assault Vehicle and helped to set the stage for the next generation of fun-loving and hard charging Alexanders.

JeffandMary Abbas Story

Full 7 hours sleep last night. Woke up pain-free for the first time in months. I want to go out and cut firewood, split it and stack it. I want to go out and muck the barn. I want to go out and fix fence. I want to go out climb the hill and hike the rest of the day. But, damn...I have to rest for a while yet. Three days and back to a very little bit of light work with the buck saw and stove wood. Gradually back into about a 50% swing of what I was doing. Then slowly, ever so slowly, back to my old self!
Thank-you to all of you for putting up with this episodic embroidery about my health problems on this, my political ranting Facebook Page. All I can say is that it must have been desperation...and a plea for help that I didn't even know I needed. From the bottom of both our hearts - Thank-you. If ever there is anything we can do, provide or help with, you have but to ask. Be forewarned - you're all on our bread list now. You'll never know when we might show up. If you're gluten-free, I can't help there, haven't got a good method yet. However, we can deliver a lot of other homemade goodies instead. In fact, I'd like to add a few of my private recipes to the blog ( today so you can enjoy them, too. In retrospect, for the last 10 days, I have been taking 3 or 4 drops of CBD oil before my Bear Creek Ginseng Tea (which we still have for sale) and it seems to be working well for a couple of other issues (0ne intestinal and an RLS-like thing I have been dealing with for years. Nothing serious, just bothersome. If you don't know what CBD oil is all about, check it out. It's pretty damned miraculous as far as I am concerned. Hello again to all our new friends. With so many of you from Decorah, we may just have to sign up for the Decorah Farmers' Market next season! Simple thanks are not enough for all your WILL see us sooner or later!

How to stop/control- mind chattering

It means mind is talking all the time - how can a person get response from God or start devotion if his/her mind is busy elsewhere. I suggest following actions for Freshers: 1. Select a time of the day- transition times are best- Darkness is going away and Sun is rising or Sun is about to set and darkness is approaching. Two times daily. 2. Select a room which is having no noise. Light up an insane of your acceptable fragrance. No additional light required in the room. 3. Sit on floor mat or in chair, cross- legged with hands locked in or in Jnana-Mundra. Back (spine)straight. Then cosmic rays will start to flow in to give energy to 114 vital joints of the body. Use the same mat everyday. Do not change your mat. 4. Start deep breathing with eyes closed. Do not forcefully stop mind chattering. Let it flow. Follow up with "Anulom-Bilom" may be 10/12 times. Count 1 to 7 during inhale and same during exhale- both should be equal duration. 5. Start chanting OM.......M............M should be continued for longer duration. May be 15 times it is repeated. 6. Then start Tarak- Bramha Naam: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. May be 30 /40 times chanting done. 7. Then stand up. Put your fist closed and rest on waist side. Start laughing loudly for 4 mins. Sit down in the same earlier position with back straight and eyes closed. No noise in the room. 8. Start again deep breathing and continue for 2/3 mins. If any calculation/thought arising in mind, do not stop it. Let it flow on its way. 9. Start playing a classical musical tune with very very low intensity. Think of a picture of your God and fix your mind on it. Do not change the picture in your mind. Try to hold it. When mind start to deviate, bring it back to the musical tune. Then immediately switch to your God's picture again. Continue of holding the picture for 30 mins. After sometime you do not need the musical tune to play. Instead you follow your breathing. 10. If the mind is disturbing on a day, you may skip the process or repeat it two times before holding the mind on God's picture. One should take initiation and may chant the manta 1000 times a day. This will definitely help. One may go to the bank of a river and sit there for sometime and see water flowing towards sea. It may take six months time to control on mind chattering.

An example of how to make a batch file and then use codes to modify the fallout games

Here is an example of how to make a batch file and then use codes to modify the fallout games. Works pretty much the same for fallout 3-NV-4 on PC only. First off you create a blank notepad. Second you name text notepad file, I named my mybitch... lol. Third put in the codes, setrelationshiprank player 4, next line under it setplayerteammate 1. Don't need to name it but if you like you can put ;Whatever you want in the top put ; before the name so the console avoids the name as a code. Fourth put the text note in the fallout 4 directory. Finally go in game and select a NPC and then type bat "whatever you named the text" and hit enter. Then boom baby instant follower. You can type in the codes on the selected character manually in game. I wanted to show how to make a batch file tho. Then you can use other codes select the character and type in console hitting the ` key to open it, tim (toggle immortal mode) makes them immortal, or with Liberty Prime setscale .2 to make him power armor size. setscale 1 to make him as big as a building again. setscale 3 makes him as big as the sky lol. You can make yourself bigger also this way 1-2-3 makes you same size 2X size 3X size .5 half size .2 basically Nome size lol 1.5 1 and a half times bigger, experiment with this... You can make a batch file to quickly add in building materials make a list of their ID prids as seen in my pictures. Better than typing in the same stuff a million times to build a monolithic city.…/fallout-4-companion-list-perks…/ This is good for finding and moving lost followers to your location. I grabbed the prime code to make him a test follower to play around with I mean come on Liberty Prime as a follower??? How dose not want a giant immortal instant kill em all robot to fallow you around. Enemies see that and run in terror lol. Seen super mutants run off screaming before with him in tow. Funny to her him talk about communists and red Chinese invaders and stuff as well randomly. a few console commands to play with. Tho they dont have them all apparently. I found most of this stuff on my own. I'm a pretty good find anything I like type on the net. Random people ask me to find stuff for them online sometimes. I can usually find anything in less than 5 min so guess I have some kind of tracking down/finding anything reputation online. Just one of my hobbies. Figured I would share the know how, as usual.

What happened to me?

I don't know how relevant to this page but I think it is. today while on the OCTA this is what happened to my daughter... (this is from her page.) I was taking the bus home from my friends house because he asked me to help him put his new flooring in and then on the way home I was sitting on the bus with a box with a gift in it and some guy walked up to me (he looked to be about 50, he was only wearing flip flops and short black biker shorts with no shirt) and asked If he could sit down next to me and I said sure even tho there were lots of empty seats. Then he said that he liked my vans and I said thank you and he said they look sexy on girls. So I went silent. Then he talked to the bus lady for a while and then some girl behind me who had a guitar and he was asking her where se lived and where she was off to and what music she played. She had a guitar with her. Then he tapped me on the shoulder and asked where I was off to and I said Anaheim. He sat next to me again and asked what school I went to so I said Huntington high.( neither of those locations are true. For my own safety) Then he started asking like are the girls there sexy at your high school. Do they have nice bodies and then he asked what I like to do so I said skating and he started saying like a whole bunch of gross stuff like how skating is sexy. And then he kissed me on the cheek like four times and then got off the bus. I was sobbing and I’m still shaking. I’m so pissed and I don’t want to see him ever again because if I do .. I swear to god. Some lady on the bus said she would’ve done something if she wasn’t a woman. She was worried he would try to hurt me or herself. Im so mad. I was wearing a tee shirt, jeans, and vans. I can’t believe that a man could say this and do what he did. I’m so pissed and I’ve been crying for an hour. I never want to take the bus alone ever again. I don’t want to be alone ever again.

Iran Nuclear Deal – Yea or Ney!

I’m 100% for the Iran Nuclear Deal, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain in signing it. But a certain element in Washington believe they know better. Heads of state from six other countries believe it’s in their best interest to sign the treaty. But we think we know better than them. We’re the ones guilty of a preemptive invasion of a country that killed thousand and cost trillion, sure we know better. We’re ones who the architects of the Iraq war , the ones that let Iraq and Iran that are much closer to the violence of the middle east, and mayhem in the Middle . Its doubt full that countries in that group would no longer give anything away since they have more to lose. But since we probably won’t do this I would recommend that if Congress turns down this treaty they should immediately vote on going to war with Iran. If they are not willing to do this then they are just blowing smoke up in the air or somewhere else. If I were the leaders of Iran I would say thank you America. Now the world know who problem child is, US. We’re the ones not willing to compromise. We’re the bad guy here, not Iran and the other six countries. And what if the other six countries make the deal are we going to war against Iran in spite of their will. We are one of seven that signed that negotiated that treaty. Our vote should not weight and higher than any other countries. As I said any of the Congressmen or Senators who want to go to war over should vote to declare war. This is more of the George W. Bush Foreign Policy of a preemptive strike. If I right he thought We have every right to strike a country if we think they might do us harm in the future. That really worked in the past didn't it? . How are they going to get a war resolution through Congress? And that leaves us refusing to sign the treaty but unwilling to do anything against Iran but maybe put on our own sanctions. And maybe convince or bribe others to go along with them? If Israel wants a better deal they should be willing to dismantle there nuclear program and be subject to the same sanctions that they want to put on Iran. Israel wants, wants and gives nothing in return. Nothing but headaches as far as I can see. Ron Paul, when asked about Iran he laughed at the suggestion that Iran would nuke Israel. We have multiple missiles aimed and ready should they even think about doing that. They know full well the consequences that an action like that would bring to their people. There leaders may say they want to destroy Israel but have they ever done in the past to indicate they would, except words. So signing this deal is a no brainier for me, and the faster the better. Clem

Useful Communication Instructions for Migratory Anglers

Each saltwater fisherman imagines that uncommon excursion to a distant destination. This brings up an imperative issue of staying correlated with family and friends while on an excursion. There are various ways, and we'll examine a couple.

Mobile and Satellite Phones

  • On the off chance that you really need voice and text correspondence wherever on the planet, it's best to consider a satellite telephone. An Iridium sat telephone works in the Emirates and in your own particular lawn as well.
  • For voyagers, an extraordinary option is leasing one. I leased an Iridium telephone for about $50 every week. I purchased an airtime card; however since forthcoming calls were free.
  • You must recollect that sat telephones require a clear view of the sky to work. You can't set the telephone on the end table and hope to get calls. You'll need to stroll outside.
  • Another choice is a mobile phone. On the off chance that you need to utilize your own particular telephone, you'll need one with what's called Global System Mobile technology, which is in around 80% of mobile phones on the earth.
  • Next, you'll need to investigate your service's global traveling ability, regularly clarified in the Support or FAQ areas of a supplier's site. It's vital to figure out if your supplier offers roaming in the nation you plan to visit.

Additional Telephone Options

  • If your ordinary wireless won't work in the nation you plan to visit, or in case you're looking for a less expensive choice, consider buying or leasing a GSM telephone and purchasing prepaid service for that state.
  • It's basic to get an "unlocked" GSM world telephone. Numerous telephones sold by service providers are "locked," which means they function at just that supplier's system. A telephone must be unlocked to work on any global system.
  • At long last, voyaging fishers will require a subscriber identity module card. The SIM is a small smart card that fits in the telephone, more often than not under the battery, and contains a serial number and a telephone number, and also extra data that distinguishes the telephone on the network.
  • There are various online organizations that offer new and utilized unlocked world telephones. You can hold up and purchase a prepaid SIM card at an accommodating store in the nation you are going, or get one in your homeland.
  • If you purchase your SIM card ahead of time, you'll have your foreign telephone number before you leave. When you get off the plane at your destination, basically open the telephone, insert the SIM, replace the battery and turn the telephone on and you're prepared to go.
  • Be prompted, on the other hand, that remote SIM cards make your telephone work in the dialect of that specific nation. If you don't talk the dialect, you'll experience issues setting up voice message and checking your prepaid balance.

Carry off Interaction

  • In case you're not keen on really talking while away, you should seriously mull over a satellite informing gadget, for example, the Spot Personal Tracker or ACR Aqua Link. Paid membership services are required for both of these gadgets, and they permit you to send straightforward messages to assigned people.
  • As of now, Spot covers a bigger zone than ACR; however more data is accessible online at and Whatever alternative you pick, make certain to check the coverage maps before you submit.
  • The hotel may have dial-up or fast internet access and conceivably a PC for visitor use. Dial-up will confine you to email, and you won't have the capacity to utilize speedy components like voice over internet protocol.
  • If they have high-speed, you can utilize VoIP services, for example, Skype. Numerous cabins with high-speed internet likewise have remote systems, so if you take your laptop, you may have the capacity to lead business from the security of your own room.

These are only a portion of the approaches to stay in touch on your next long-range trip. Staying in contact is not all awful either. It is amusing to get back to companions home and let them know about the better part of the wonderful fish you are capturing.